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Powell Communications represents executives and businesses across the marketing, media and advertising industries.

What We Do

We are all about PR.
But not the old way of doing it.

Instead, we employ a new style that combines your communications needs with consideration and counsel on your high-altitude business goals. As such, we leverage our own process – one that’s been refined and shaped over years of strategizing and working hard for our clients. We represent advertising, marketing, media, technology and entertainment industries, and we’d love to hear from you too.
Mix us in and let us tell your best story.

Our Approach

You do more than make ads. We do more than promote them.

We believe in more than netting you pertinent press (though of course we are masters of that too). We concentrate on developing communication strategies that truly deliver against your business objectives.

Brilliant strategy and flawless execution.

We help position and reposition brands, businesses and executives. We are always proactive. Just as we are always inventing new ways to make news and to connect our clients with the people they most want to work with. Whether that’s other clients, other talent or both.

Never shy about the nitty gritty.

Our clients are creative and talented account handlers. And therefore so are we. We know how it feels in your shoes, for we are a team who once fought on your fields of battle. And always for the win.

Our Clients

Our clients are responsible for some of the most innovative ideas in business. We represent brand marketers, ad agencies, creative boutiques, strategic consultancies, digital and media companies, design firms, production companies, and even a few modern business schools. It's our job to make sure their insights make it to the press. The right way.

"Powell knows what it takes to grow a creative organization; they've done it successfully themselves. We were both startups when we first met and we have grown up together. It's been fun and rewarding."

Sir John Hegarty Co-Founder

"Powell invented the B to CMO PR category 15 years ago. I should know - I hired them for BBH New York as their very first client. When it comes to insightful, strategic, business goal-oriented PR, nobody does it better. I recommend you hire Powell immediately."

Cindy Gallop Founder of BBH NY
CEO, Make Love Not Porn

“Powell is a creative, passionate team, that both thinks strategically and executes flawlessly to drive great awareness, interest and engagement with a brand's marketing and marketers.”

Esther Lee Executive VP and Global CMO

"In the ad industry, they are the kingmakers."

David Slayden Executive Director and Founder

"As partners they are thoughtful, energetic and wise. Listen to their counsel; in my experience, they will usually make you better."

Alison Burns Global Client Services Director


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